Finally got a signal

There is no point in pretending anymore, we’re fighting zombies.  Actual, real, zombies.  We’ve been climbing up into the Appalachians for the last few weeks.  We’ve seen a few groups headed north, and we’re heading supposedly towards Blue Ridge eventually, I guess.  It can’t be a good sign that different bands of survivors are running towards what the previous group was running from.  And we’ve picked up so many people now I’m not even sure where they all came from.  I think though, we left even more behind.  Those that couldn’t climb a few weeks ago I think are following us now, but now dead. 

I found a group of 3 people I try to stay near because they seem to know what they are doing.  One is a forest ranger, plus she’s attractive, one is a firefighter out of Jersey, and the other is a soldier from the 10th Mountain.  We all four have guns, but probably 46 rounds of ammo between all of us.  We never shoot unless a horde is right on top of us or standing in our way.  That only happened once so far, when six or seven of them stumbled up from the bushes on the hillside and got between us the group up ahead.  Six or seven and I think we shot at them for 20 minutes at near point blank range.  “Oh, shoot them in the head” sounds really easy until they are moving at you and you know that if they touch you, just freakin touch you, you’re dead.  

Anyway, I’ve wanted to ditch this laptop 3 times already, but Forest Ranger keeps convincing me to keep it.  She says we might be able to find others out there.  I know there was a group in Colorado for awhile, and I’ve seen posts from a guy in England and another in Washington state.  So I guess that means not just New York. 

On a sidenote, I never realized how cold the mountains got in November, and the two worst months haven’t even hit yet.  Fires attract them too, so those are mostly out until we find a place so steep they can’t follow us up it.  We thought we’d found one of those two days ago and we were wrong…

Gotta save battery power…

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