Everything is f-ed up

I’ve got to conserve battery power.  I’ve been lucky with electricity so far.

We haven’t seen a building in days that wasn’t either on fire or burnt up.  After I took this pic someone started yelling at me to get the hell away from the water.  I saw something moving in it and everyone with guns started shooting in the water.  I didn’t see what we were aiming at, but a lot of blood came up.  Some guys showed up with more ammo, but we only have enough food for about one crappy meal a day now.  I know I was kidding about zombies before, but, there are people who actually believe that.  Like, we’re running from real zombies.  I think I might have seen a face or two under that water, but I don’t know if that’s just me dreaming stuff up to go with these crazy stories.   

Burned city

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  1. Stephen King would be impressed. Good read.

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