New York is in flames

Test Burning city small  I don’t even know where the Armory is any more.  Just one day it was surrounded by all these people yelling at us, demanding we do something, and we shut the doors and locked them and locked and loaded and we waited to see if they were going to riot or not.  People were pouring out of The City by the thousands, or more, some said tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands. 

They were camped out in the streets, trying to steel our food and our guns.  We shot a few rounds into the door and they backed off for awhile.  I think we hit someone.  OK I’m sure we hit someone.  Don’t know what happened to him though. 

Finally somebody drove a truck through the big metal sliding door and nearly ran Smitty over.  We didn’t shoot this time, and they told us if we were willing to fight with them they would rather have us than kill us.  I had no idea what they were talking about but what they hell, why not? 

I kept our little group together, although everyone who saw we had guns kept trying to push us to the front.  Nobody could tell me who it was we were supposed to be fighting.  

Then the whole front half of the crowd started screaming bloody murder and running in every direction.  They had run into a wall of people, infected sickly people, in front of us.  Seriously like a zombie movie or something.  And these people were crazy.  We shot at some of them and it didn’t hardly slow them down.  I think I saw a few of them catch some woman, and she went down under a group of them screaming with them clawing and scratching her.  I don’t know what was wrong with those people, maybe they were starved or just insane, but they scared the crap out of about 10,000 people and they didn’t even have any guns. 

We ran into the woods and ran and kept running until way passed dark when so many people were falling and tripping over things that someone yelled for us to stop.  Everyone voted either me and my guys take up guard duty or give up the guns.  Thompson gave his up and stripped off his uniform top right there.  Smitty and I stayed together and the others rotated with us.  I’ve only got about 13 rounds of ammo…

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  1. […] in New York. The news has been spotty, so it’s not really helping. Then I stumbled upon this soldier’s blog who is apparently in New York. It seems like he’s writing some sort of joke blog or something […]

  2. Hey! Are you there? Please email me back if you get this. Are you serious about this shit? The news is useless and no one seems to respond to anything I send anymore. Answer me! PLEASE!

  3. IVY, I can only get internet whenever we stray by one of the few towers still working, and then I usually only have a few minutes of battery power. How are you surviving? Where are you? Are they having riots near you?

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