Enough riots already

I understand an afternoon of riots, but how long are these going to go on?  What is this Day 3?  Day 4? 

Orangeburg is completely calm, but all the news is covering are the riots, and they just seem to be getting worse.  It looks like the cops gave up on basic riot control and are now attempting to barricade the streets.  They sent a group email to all the little guard groups they spread out after the plane crash telling us to stay in our armories and keep our weapons loaded.  They also re-emphasized that we should have our NBC masks on us at all times.  I guess that’s for anyone near the riots in case someone has to throw tear gas. 

Smitty says he has a brother in Fort Drum who called him and says the riots have even spread there, although, it started with hospital workers he said.  Well, I suspect they will handle things differently on Fort Drum than they will in NYC.

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