I just got a call that I need to be on standby for possible riot activity.  I mocked them of course until I saw a little of it on some news webpages.  They’re saying these are class riots — all started with homeless marching and protesting and the first time cops got involved it turned ugly real quick.  Anyway, it is all in The City, and I’m Orangeburg, AKA Whiteburg, where the average house costs ten or twelve times my yearly salary, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing any sort of poor people riots up here. 

Still, SOMEbody must think we might ’cause they issued us rifles and two magazines of ammo today.  Naturally they made us put tape across the ammo in the magazine and told us not to lock and load or take them outside the armory, but still.  Now we have to actually keep track of our weapons and they don’t have a vault here.  I think that means we’re supposed to do 24-hour ops, but I think I’m just gonna tell the guys to sleep with their rifles in their sleeping bags. 

Oh and I’ve been sending Smitty out on burger runs so we aren’t just eating MREs all day long.  I used to hate all that fast crap, but compared to an MRE, not so bad. 

Armed with automatic weapons and bored.  That can’t end well.

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