So this is how a blog works

I was going to write a blog from Tikrit Iraq, but I just never started it.  I was going to write a blog as soon as I got back from Iraq, but kept getting distracted there too.  I’m sure if they’d have blogs in Desert Storm I would have whined about not blogging there too.  So now I’m finally starting it from this new lame mission, but at least it’s a start.  Anyway, you’re reading the blog of SGT Quinton Jackson — and no I’m not related to the kick-boxer.  And before you do the math, yes I’ve been in 19 years and I’m still an E-5.  It MIGHT have had something to do with the M203 grenade I shot at the wooden latrine in Saudi back in 91, or it POSSIBLY might have been related to the porta-potty I set on fire in Tikrit in 2005.  I’m not sure if that means I have a problem with authority or crappers. 

Anyway, after Iraq, I used my re-up money to buy this laptop.  Two extra long batteries and a built in cellurlar modem, I’m never going to end up stuck on a tarmac waiting for a plane for 6 hours with nothing to do again. 

Which brings me to this mission.  It started after that plane crashed last week in the sound north of Long Island.  First they called us up to help search the shores for survivors.  We were living out of tents for three days.  Fort Drum had like half a helicopter brigade down searching all over the place.  Supposedly they found either some bodies or people I don’t know.  Anyway, now they moved me and 6 other random dudes up to an armory in someplace I’ve never heard of called Orangeburg.  No sign of anybody in charge, just a “stay here until we get back to you” sort of mission and — I’m not kidding — a stack of MRE boxes and bottled water. 

Hence the blog. 

Somethings are just too stupid not to blog about.  Unbelievable.  I’ll let you know what clever idea they come up with next. 


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